Quickbooks Setup and Training

A properly setup and functioning accounting system can make or break many companies. Setting up and using QuickBooks correctly can help you run your business in a more organized fashion and provide high quality financial information to support your key business decisions.

Below are some of the services we provide:

We will start with a very thorough understanding of your business model. We will work hard to setup your company file so you receive the most relevant and reliable financial information. We will develop innovative ways to meet your unique business needs.

Are you converting from another accounting package or a custom built legacy system to QuickBooks? We have deep QuickBooks data expertise. We can help you determine what data should be brought over. We can design a training program to ensure your staff is up and running quickly.

This is a big topic. QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks online integrates with hundreds of third party applications. Some do it well and some do not. We don’t know them all – not even close. But we have experimented, demoed and at least heard of many of them. Let us know your technology challenge, pick our brain and we will give you feedback on which apps you may consider.

Do you have other applications which should be sharing data with QuickBooks? We have advanced expertise in importing and exporting data from QuickBooks. We will sit down with you to understand your current systems and determine how to achieve a smooth data flow between each system.

Are your books getting out of hand or maybe just need a quick dusting? Either way, we can almost certainly help. We will first identify the issues, come up with a game plan to clean up your books, and train you on how to avoid these same issues in the future. In the end, you should have a dependable set of books providing you relevant and reliable financial information.

Many clients are satisfactorily up and running with QuickBooks but need a reliable resource for guidance on varying issues. Knopf Co. is that valuable resource and can provide highly technical guidance relating to QuickBooks financial software.

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QuickBooks Advanced Reporting

Gain powerful insights from your data with QuickBooks advanced custom reporting. We use advanced data and reporting tools and can develop just about any reporting solution your business requires. That is why we say – You Dream It… We Build It. We build dynamic and interactive reports that allow users to slice & dice and drill up & down through their data. High quality reporting can support day-to-day decisions and help you realize key insights into your business.

We can deliver customized reports including commission, sales, inventory, payroll, payables, receiveables, time tracking, job costing and many more. We can “mash up” data from multiple sources and multiple QuickBooks files.

We use best-in-class business intelligence tools to deliver powerful reporting. Microsoft Power BI and Excel Power Pivot are truly “game changing” technologies that we use to deploy dynamic and interactive reporting solutions.

Self-service business intelligence tools drastically alter the traditional cost/benefit paradigm. With the right tools, complex reporting can be deployed in a very cost effectively manner.

At a glance, visually see your Key Performance Indicators in a customized dashboard. Our interactive dashboards can be designed to show exactly what you want to see—no more or no less.

We can help you identify your most important Key Performance Indicators to gain insight on your business performance. We can then develop a solution to seamlessly track and report those Key Performance Indicators.

Your business is unique and the business metrics you use to measure financial performance may be unique as well. Using Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) we can easily report on complex business metrics.

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